Renting a Car Ambulance in the Nijmegen area?

At LucaCarMods you can easily rent a car ambulance / car transporter in the Nijmegen area to transport your (new) car!

Booking the car ambulance is easy through the online booking system.

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Auto ambulances:

Witteveen 2030€50.00 per day
Maximum allowable weight: 2000kg
Own weight: 460kg
Ramps: available
BE Driving License
Location: Nijmegen Region

Which car ambulance do you need?

When renting an auto ambulance, a number of aspects are important to consider:

Driving license BE
First of all, it is important to know that with our car ambulance, having BE driving license is mandatory. A B license is sufficient only for very small trailers.

Maximum authorized mass and towing weight
Our car trailer has an authorized max mass of 2000kg and a weight of 460kg. This results in a net payload of a whopping 1560kg.

To determine if the tow vehicle is suitable for this trailer in combination with the car to be transported, look up the maximum towing weight. This can easily be done on the RDW website. (

Example: If the maximum allowable towing weight is 1600kg then the math looks like this.

– Own weight of trailer 460kg
– Weight of car to be transported 1100kg
Total: 1560kg Total mass of trailer when loaded.

At 1560kg, there is no exceeding the trailer’s maximum allowable weight of 2000kg. Also, the car is allowed to tow this according to the RDW data.

Always check this in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What driver’s license do I need?

To rent an auto ambulance, one must have a valid BE driving license

What is the best way to load the car ambulance?

When charging the car, always make sure the weight distribution is correct. Proper weight distribution ensures adequate drawbar pressure and counteracts trailer sway.

Cars should in almost all cases be loaded with the engine block facing the front because in 99% of cases this is the heaviest side of the car. Thus, when transporting a Porsche where the engine is placed in the rear, the car can be transported with the butt backwards.

How am I insured?

The renter must have their own proper third-party insurance for the towing vehicle. Third-party insurance of the towing vehicle covers damage caused by the trailer to others. Not insured are theft, damage to and loss of the trailer. The tenant is liable for all costs resulting from this.

What identification do I need?

Yes. It is only possible to rent an auto ambulance with a valid Dutch driver’s license (BE).

What are the rental options.

Trailer rental is always by the day; from 8:30 am to 5 pm. It is also possible to rent the trailer for more than one day.

How much deposit do I pay?

The deposit is €150.00.

Where are you sitting?

In Bergharen. That’s near Nijmegen

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