Volvo 240 260 EBC standard rear brake pads (Girling/TRW)

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If you just need an OEM spare part of high quality, look no further than the EBC standard brake pad.


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Made in the British factory of Bristol EBC brakes in the UK, the ULTIMAX2™ brake pad is a beautifully designed brake pad that goes well, produces little dust and is the perfect choice for the urban or daily driver. Why spend more if you only need a high-quality replacement brake pad?

The ULTIMAX2™ Brake pad is a total NON METALLIC brake pad with NON METALLIC brake pad with ZERO steel fibre, making this a cleaner brake pad that is much less aggressive for cast iron brake rotors.

The ULTIMAX2™ is also classified by the American braking system with the code “N”, which means that this system gets the TOP award for its environmentally friendly status and has also reached the coveted GG friction value, which almost is unprecedented in the braking industry for cars. The ULTIMAX2™ has also reached the coveted GG friction.

The ULTIMAX2™ Brake pad replaces the original Ultimax predecessors material based on inventory rotation.

This comes down to a clean brake pad, which lasts longer, prolongs the lifespan of the disc and gives off a zero toxicity and is a true PATH FOR THE FUTURE. The effect with the GG ratings is truly stunning and provides a powerful effect for the first use of the brake.

ULTIMAX2™ has also been extensively tested in cold and humid conditions in northern Europe and Scandinavia and in the Caribbean areas with warm and humid temperatures where the brake noise was zero.

GG friction capability with the highest braking effect

Appropriate to:

  • 240 2.1 83-84 Turbo Girling/TRW
  • 240 2.3 83-93 Girling/TRW
  • 240 2.4 D 83-93 Girling/TRW
  • 240 2.0 74-82 Girling/TRW
  • 240 2.1 Turbo 80-82 Girling/TRW
  • 260 2.7 75-80 Girling/TRW
  • 260 2.8 80-85 Girling/TRW

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