Volvo 240 260 EBC Yellowstuff Rear Brake Pads (Girling/TRW)

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EBC Yellowstuff Fastest Street, Race & Drift Racing Brake Pads


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EBC Yellowstuff 1793 Compound is a true winner all round, high friction in cold brake pads, it requires no warm up for street use when they are really hot braking they just get better.
EBC-Geel is ECE approved for safety of the brakes, which means they should work perfectly in cold, at least as good or better than standard brake pads.

When Yellowstuff sees some heat (which has not been tested in the ECE R 90 Brake safety regulations) Then they really show their pedigree. On Japanese cars built with less friction FF nominal brake pads supply These a full slope higher braking force and on German cars built with GG These are about the only aftermarket brake pads that will be the pretty good German OE specification blocks Match or defeat and that requires what to do.


Highly efficient performance and racing brakes for use on the track and on the road, quick to sleep, ideal for upgrading the brake of a street vehicle.

Not only a high friction block, but very resistant to heat and heavy inhibitions means that yellow material has been used with great success in racing cars and on high-speed police vehicle brakes.

EBC Yellowstuff-Blocks are used on the UK Silverstone racetrack Drivers that experience cars because of their high performance and long service life. Yellowstuff also demanded a win in the Targa rally and two years long in the Brazilian Mitsubishi off Road Team Desert Challenge.

Due to the huge heat range, the applications where EBC Yellowstuff offers benefits will range from the fastest street use on cars with higher power and race use on most street cars and even as a remupgrade on Trucks and SUV. Yellowstuff is especially appreciated on Trucks for towing and heavy loads and where oversized upgrades for wheels and tires are mounted.

Appropriate to:

  • 240 2.1 83-84 Turbo Girling/TRW
  • 240 2.3 83-93 Girling/TRW
  • 240 2.4 D 83-93 Girling/TRW
  • 240 2.0 74-82 Girling/TRW
  • 240 2.1 Turbo 80-82 Girling/TRW
  • 260 2.7 75-80 Girling/TRW
  • 260 2.8 80-85 Girling/TRW

Photo: Know Your EBC Brakes Compounds - Yellowstuff Ultimate Street Pads - Automotive.

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