Volvo 850 NA/Turbo UltraRacing Front Anti-Roll/Sway Bar 25mm

Code: UR-AR25-212

Improve the chassis stiffness of your Volvo 850 with this Ultra-Racing Front Anti-Roll/Sway Bar 25mm


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Strut Bars


Part of the shock of impact transfer to the chassis, causing wheel house and lower arm deforming.
Equip with the Ultra racing’s strut bar and lower arm bar, both side shock of impact will be neutralized.


Before (while cornering)
The weight transfer and force gathering on one side, causing unstable handling and increasing body roll.
After (while cornering)
The force will spread out by Ultra racing’s strut bar and lower arm bar, enable the car and provide solid handling.


Fender Bars


The joint between A-pillar and front chassis will be push and twist by the greater shock of impact and drag force, causing damage on chassis.
Ultra Racing’s Fender bar will spread out the force and strengthen the section, prevent further damage and offer stable handling. Recommend for user of sport absorber


Side Lower Bars


On uneven/Bumpy Road, center section chassis will have different level of body flex cause by the weight transfer between front and rear.
Ultra Racing’s side lower bar will enable the weight transfer between front and rear, it can also minimize the damage from side impact.


Anti-Roll Bars


When turning in corner, the weight transfer will make the car sway a side, causing body roll and more difficult to turn in to a corner, weaken the steering respond.
The upgrade version of Ultra Racing’s anti roll bar will be more effectively preventing the car sway a side at cornering, greatly reduce body roll and high stability in cornering



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