Mazda MX-5 Complete Turbo Kit


A complete turbo kit to increase the power of your Mazda MX-5 to a staggering 240 + hp!



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A complete turbo kit to increase the power of your Mazda MX-5 to a staggering 240 + hp!

The Mazda MX-5 is a real riders car, super driving behaviour due to its light weight and good cornering behaviour. This is also faster than many other cars in terms of cornering; Of course you notice that you have ‘just’ 90-143hp under the hood. To make the MX-5 even more enjoyable, the turbo kit is of course a very nice solution.

A standard MX-5 engine is so strong that it can be safely tuned to approximately 240hp. In terms of horsepower/weight ratio, you are at the level of many entry model Porsche!

This Mazda MX-5 Turbo kit contains all the parts needed to Turbocharge your MX-5. To make the installation easier, there is also a very comprehensive manual.

We can also perform the installation for you. We take everything out of your hands and you only have to leave the car with us for installation and drive away with a smile.


  • Pre-Clocked IHI TD04 Turbo
  • EVO2 Cast iron Turbo manifold
  • Turbo Gaskets Set
  • Turbo Tap End Set
  • 63, 5mm Downpipe
  • Intercooler Kit
  • Basemap to start the car
  • Oil supply Pipe Set
  • Oil return line Set
  • Water pipes Set
  • 640cc Bosch Injectors
  • ME221 Plug-N-Play Standalone ECU
  • IAT Flying Loom
  • Boost Control Solenoid
  • Printed manual

After installation, it is highly recommended to also replace the clutch for a Competition clutch Stage 3 and let the car set to a recognized tuner. Still prefer to drive with the original clutch? This can be up to 170hp.

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