Volvo 240 UltraRacing Achterste Stabilisatorstang 20mm

Code: URSW240

Stabilisatorstang achter voor Volvo 240, verbeterd handling, stabiliteit en vermindert onderstuur.


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Rear Anti-roll Bar / Rear Sway Bar / Rear Stabilizer Bar for Volvo 240 improve your car Handling & Stability. Greatly reduce body roll and high stability in cornering. Neutralize UNDERSTEER.

Specification: 20mm Solid

The front wheels are likely to slip towards outside of the turn angle, driver can solve it by turning a little more slightly but the handling is reduced, vehicle’s behavior is less predictable and tires are likely to worn out faster. Understeer often occurs in front wheel drive layout vehicles. As most modern cars go, car manufacturers employ the FF (Front engine, Front wheel drive) setup for improving driver and passenger safety. The natural behavior of an FF car is to have a slight understeer, due to its heavier front end. Understeer happens when the front wheels lose their traction and won’t turn any sharper, even when the steering is being corrected to turn the car more. This will cause the car to go wide instead of following the line. Understeer can be corrected by stiffening the rear end of the vehicle by adding a Rear Strut Bar and a Rear Anti Roll Bar.


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