MeisterR Sportive Schroefset Mazda MX-5 NA NB

Code: 105-032-051


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Beschikbaar via nabestelling


MeisterR Sportive Coilovers for Mazda MX-5 NA NB

The MeisterR Sportive Coilovers are the perfect setup for any road-going Mazda MX-5. MesiterR have designed the Sportive coilovers from the ground up to deliver their renowned ride quality at a budget-friendly price. Packing top-level features such as aluminium top mounts and electroplated damper bodies, they are designed to last on the harsh UK roads.

Ride height is pre-set out of the box at 310mm front, 320mm rear. However, the Sportive coilovers are optimised to be set between 305mm to 315mm front, 315mm to 325mm rear. The damper valving is specifically matched to the 6kg front 5kg rear springs to provide a compliant, supple ride over the roughest of surfaces. Best described as OEM+, the MeisterR Sportive coilovers are ideal for the road. For a track use, the MeisterR ZetaCRD or ClubRace coilovers are better suited.


Spring Perch Dual Perch
Tube Design Twin Tube
Fixed/Adjustable Dampening Fixed
Dampening Design Linear
Top Mount Design Rubber
Spring Rate 6/5kg
Other parts required? No
Recommended Application Fast Road

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