MX-5 NC Deur Beugels (doorbars)

Code: CB-NC-DB


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Door bars significantly improve chassis rigidity. They stiffen Miata in it’s weakest point – where it has no roof to hold it together. At the same time, they increase safety during side crush.

100% bolt-on product – rear part is bolted to the lower mount of the stock roll bar. In the front door bars are bolted to the floor.

Made of FIA appendix J approved seamless 40×2 E355 tube. No modification to the door upholstery is required. To get the full range of seat position adjustment it’s required to swap stock seats to bucket seats.

Powder-coated to matt black. When purchased with roll bar, powder coating to roll bar colour is available.

Cutting a little hole in the rear plastic is required. Kit includes door bars, installation brackets and a set of bolts and nuts.

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